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Bioenergy healing

By documenting the beneficial effects of Bioenergy Therapy, we can see an insight into how people with Parkinson’s, MS and other conditions experienced real improvement both physical and emotional during a 4-day healing event in Los Angeles. The participants along with the therapists (who came from Europe, Canada and the US) describe the experience of the energy, the power of the group and the importance today and in the future of Bioenergy Therapy.

Israel approves mixed gender Jewish prayer at Western Wall

The Israeli government has voted to allow mixed prayer for women alongside men at Jerusalem’s Western Wall, despite Orthodox objections. A women’s reform group has called the move “groundbreaking.”

A historic meeting in Cuba, Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox leader

Pope Francis and Orthodox Patriarch Kirill embraced and kissed on Friday in an exceedingly historic meeting, uniting to issue a world attractiveness for the protection of Christians below assault within the middle east.

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Mindfulness meditation improves health with neurobiological changes

Over the past decade, attentiveness meditation has been shown to enhance a broad vary of health and illness outcomes, like slowing HIV progression and up healthy aging. Yet, very little is thought regarding the brain changes that turn out these helpful health effects.

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UK scientists have been authorized to genetically modify human embryos

The first licence in GB to “edit” the genes of human IVF embryos ought to result in a much better understanding of the elemental fertility issues suffered by thousands of couples attempting to begin a family, scientists have same.

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