What we want to do is very simple actualy. We will connect 125,000 participants online together in real time and then, ask them to focus on the same simple tought simultaneously to see if they will be able to create something in reality. The challenge itself is enormous but the way to test it is quite simple with technologies we have already got. A new window is opened and we have the possibility to explore it right now, but the question is, do you want to explore it with us?

This is a serious question that we want to answer but we want to do it in a friendly and constructive way. This is why we are creating The Fellowship, which is more than just a web community, more than a herd of followers. This Fellowship will have a real chain of command, with officers and crew members, both highly engaged to conduct our online mind experiments. Our priority is quality instead of quantity, which means that there will be only 125,000 people able to join the Fellowship, after then, you will have to wait a place to be released, on the waiting list. When will a place be released? When a member of the Fellowship is no more active and engaged in what we attempt to do, online mass mind experiments, his direct officer will dismiss him for lack of availability, leaving an opportunity to a new member. 

This Fellowship will be a real mind power task force, giving us a try to prove the power of thoughts to be true. Of course some people will say that is impossible but the thing is, like we say to our kids:« you can't say the meal is not good if you don't even taste it! » The same principle applies here. If we don't even test it, how can we say if it is true or false? We could debate for years but the fact is, that our Fellowship is the FIRST and the ONLY ONE in the world that is trying to demonstrate certain physical and spiritual theories using such an approach.

Before giving the green light to launch Project: The Secret, we absolutely need to reach our three primary objectives. The first one is to raise 55,000$ to establish our structures and to get skilled people on proper positions for such a challenge. If you would like to contribute, you can make a donation on

The second objective is to welcome, to dispatch and to train the first 125,000 members of The Fellowship. We clearly understand that life goes so fast and you don't have much time for yourself, with all personal obligations and responsabilities you have. This is why your time contribution is essential and valuable for Project: The Secret to give it a real chance to succeed. You will find amazing people here, engaged and wanting to change the world as you do probably. We expect a input from every one in this project, because you have all something unique to give, to make Project: The Secret succeed.

Finally, the last objective is to complete and integrate the live brodcasting solution within our website to conduct all the experiments. If we manage to raise enough money, we will be able to fund this and employ skilled people to take care of the technical aspect.

You surely understand that we can't promise any results because we are exploring the unknown. Project: The Secret is not supported by any scientific group. We are rather an independent initiative using an authentic and rigorous new approach made with limited means. We will be totally transparent. If we manage to achieve significant results that could be physically demonstrated, then everyone will be informed. Conversely, if nothing interesting is found here, you will be informed as well.

You now understand the mission of the Project: The Secret. The journey starts here!